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Since 1932 Traverso's Work Shoe Headquarters has provided the San Francisco Bay Area with unmatched service and quality in the footwear industry. Our reputation as the leading independent retailer of work footwear has grown over the years, as well as the services we provide. Equipped with on-site shoe repair, a mobile shoe truck for on the job shoe sales, supportive arch insoles, and accessories and care products to compliment each purchase, we offer our customer the knowledge and expertise eight decades of continuous business provides.

Visit one of our SF Bay Area retail locations to find a wide variety of work shoes and boots, as well as the necessary accessories to keep you working! Give us a call for an on-site visit from our mobile shoe store to deliver the gift of better health to you and your feet!

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Traverso's Richmond CA
12557 San Pablo Ave.,
Richmond CA, 94805

M-F 8am - 5:30pm
SAT 8am - 5:00pm

Traverso's Dublin CA
6743 Dublin Blvd. #26,
Dublin CA 94568

M-F 9:30am - 7:00pm
SAT 9:30am - 5:00pm

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Traverso's Red Wing Shoes

Printed in the TriValley Herald August 7th, 2003


Giovanni B. Traverso taught his sons a valuable lesson. If he learned anything from the struggles and his strong will when immigrating to the United States and working as a miner and on the railroads, it was to “work hard, persevere.” His boys, James and John, certainly remembered that motto as they struggled financially to navigate a small shoe repair business in Richmond through the turbulent Depression of the 1930’s.

Work hard, persevere.

Today, the Richmond store is one of the leaders in sales of Red Wing Shoes; there’s also a family store in Dublin. But the story of how the Traverso family achieved success is testimony to its heritage of hard work. In July 1931, James Traverso graduated from Richmond Union High School, with no jobs available because of the Depression. Luckily, Jim’s cousin owned an empty store containing abandoned shoe repair equipment. Over the next 10 to 15 years, James and his younger brother, John, used this equipment, becoming skilled in the trade of shoe repair. After John went off to fight in World War II, their father Giovanni retired from the railroad to help Jim keep the store open during the war. Shoe repair was in demand during this time, so the company needed to expand. In 1946, the boys began selling shoes for young men after John came home from war and became a partner. In 1963, Red Wing Shoe Co., a Minnesota-based shoe and boot company, asked James and John to pioneer a Red Wing Shoe (store). The brothers expanded into a failed business next door to their shop in 1965 and established a fully operating (store). During their initial years, the Traverso family did not take a single vacation. Even James’ and John’s wives, Gloria and Pauline, contributed to the success of the store, chipping in with custodial, bookkeeping, billing, clerking, and general assistance wherever they could.

Work hard, persevere.

The next generation seemed ready to step into the shoe business, as John’s son, John Paul, won Shoe Service Magazine’s Silver Cup Award for Superior Craftsmanship in 1975.
In 1976, after the success of the Richmond store and wanting a (store) of his own as part of the family legacy, John Paul opened a second Red Wing establishment in Dublin. “There was only one other (shoe) store in Dublin when we moved there,” said John Paul Traverso. “It was a great area to settle into, raise a family in, and to see grow over the years.” In 1985, Bill Hubacek came to work as the manager of the Richmond store where he still is the manager. James Traverso passed away in 1993 and his brother John cut back on his work time in 2002. However, the tradition of repairing and selling shoes still is alive and well for the Traverso family. “Our Italian background and work ethic have kept us in the business so long,” John Paul Traverso said. We like working with people and the business aspect of work.”

The next generation of Traversos has become involved in the family business as John Paul’s son, Dante, manages the store in Dublin, while John Paul takes care of mobile on-site work shoe sales and overall operations. “For me, being back in Richmond is like coming home again,” John Paul Traverso said. “It is definitely a good experience, working so closely with my family,” Dante Traverso said. “I am able to work with my father, brothers and even my sister helps here occasionally.” The Traversos’ shoe store sells work shoes and boots that are American-made and they have a repair shop on site. Dante enjoys being able to maintain the legacy that his family established. “A lot of people ask me why I would want to go into the business and not try out something of my own, but my family has had such success, why wouldn’t I want to work here,” Traverso said. “Shoe repair has given my family an identity and an ethic to live by that I am proud of.”